Good Night, Goblyns Glen

For seven years, Goblyns Glen and Wicked Woods have provided a safe and fun Trick or Treat environment for the children of Los Gatos and the surrounding areas. The community has amazed us with their support, enthusiasm, and dare we say it... love.

You have shown us appreciation and welcomed us with open arms when we first brought the Goblyns to town back in 2008.

Now, sadly, the time of the Goblyns has come to an end.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, last year was the final appearance of the fabled town known as Goblyns Glen. We leave Los Gatos with happy memories, happy thoughts, and well wishes.

We wish much love and thanks to all of the guests, especially the children, who came to see us each and every year.

Thank you for sharing your Halloween dreams with us and thank you for partaking in the magic we worked so hard to bring you. Although we say goodbye, be sure to keep your eyes open. The Goblyns are a funny bunch and you never know where they might pop up next!